Our Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Training Programs


See the psychoanalytic and psychotherapy programs below.


Tuesdays 5:45–7:00 P.M. & 7:15–8:30 P.M.

One-year Introductory
Program in Psychotherapy

The Introductory Program presents an overview of theories of unconscious processes, motivation, and human adaptation.

Program participants learn to identify and work with unconscious processes taught during three trimesters.

Participants learn to use their clinical experiences during classroom learning. Case consultation is available but not required, and personal psychoanalytic psychotherapy is recommended but not required.  There is no additional clinical requirement for the completion of the introductory program.

Students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the introductory program will receive a letter of completion and become qualified to move on to the 2-year Certificate Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.*

Two-year Certificate Program
in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The 2-year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Certificate program is designed to address the professional development of licensed and license-eligible mental health professionals. This program combines the opportunities to learn from course work, clinical case consultation, clinical experience, and personal psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It provides a foundation for the development of necessary in-depth psychological understanding and analytic clinical work.

Students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the two-year program will receive a certificate of completion and become qualified to move on to the 4-year Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.*


Four-year Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The 4-year Certificate Program Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is an integrated course of study leading to competence in the independent practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

The curriculum offers both clinical and theoretical courses that provide an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of Freudian Theory, British and American Object Relations Theories, Self Psychology, Relational Theories, and other current theoretical and clinical developments.

Clinical consultation of psychoanalytic and psychotherapy cases and the enriching experience of candidates’ own personal analysis enable them to acquire experiential self-knowledge of the psychoanalytic clinical process.

Candidates are exposed to a range of clinical and theoretical points of views to facilitate their own creative growth and personal perspective.

Students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the four-year program will receive a certificate of completion in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.*

Graduates of the program have gone on to make further contributions in theory and innovative clinical technique.

* Upon an interview and approval by a member of the Training Committee.


Costs of the Program

There is a one-time nonrefundable application fee of $75.00. The current tuition is $2,700 per year and a yearly administrative/registration fee of $225. Case consultation of 36 sessions is included.

Fees for personal psychotherapy are arranged privately with an approved training analyst. An annual membership opportunity in the Baruch College Newman Library that houses our extensive book and journal collection will be arranged.

Financial Aid

Scholarships covering up to 50% of the tuition and fees are available for candidates based on financial need. Prospective candidates must have completed their applications and be fully accepted into a training program before applying for financial aid. A separate financial aid form must be completed before the academic year begins.