nobuko meaders
The community of Postgrad, The Institute of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society, has a long and proud history dating back to the post World War II years. The original psychoanalytic institute drew many patients who were suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to its clinic and many psychoanalysts who fled Europe. It was also the first psychoanalytic institute to train psychologists and social workers since at the time other institutes only trained psychiatrists. This community has had a long history of innovation and creativity and has trained many leaders in the psychoanalytic world.

The Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society was originally formed in 1980 for graduates of the original institute. It later became important for the society to take on the responsibility of psychoanalytic training so that we could continue our long history of quality training.

We have a deep commitment to rigorous academic training in the spheres of personal analysis, supervision and didactic classroom learning.

Joining our community of professionals will provide you with a plethora of opportunities for academic stimulation, and social and networking possibilities. We are provisionally chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York.

Please contact us or any of our directors for further information about our training programs. We look forward to speaking with you about the ways in which our training programs and our community can contribute to your professional development.

Nobuko Meaders
Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society and Institute