The Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

founded 33 years ago, continues to ensure the finest possible education and training in psychoanalysis. Throughout its history, the Institute's membership has been composed of highly qualified psychoanalysts in private practice. Many are university faculty. Most have published scholarly works. Some have presented papers at local and global conferences. These psychoanalysts are the teachers, supervisors and training analysts who will train candidates at the Institute's new Postgrad Institute. Many of the affiliated faculty, supervisors and training analyst were all affiliated with the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health which was founded in 1945 and was the first psychoanalytic institute in the USA to include in its training program clinical social workers, psychologists and psychiatrist. The Institute of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society received its provisional charter from NYState in 2008 and continues the tradition of training from these disciplines.

The Society is a member of

the International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies (IFPS), which is comprised of 24 member societies in Europe, South America, Central America and the United States. The Institute's standards for psychoanalytic education often exceed those required by IFPS. Executive Committee member, Valerie Tate Angel, is the current Deputy Secretary General of IFPS. Institute members participate in the IFPS bi-annual forums. At the recent forum held in Santiago, Chile, three Institute members presented papers as well as in 2010 in Athens and at the 2012 XVII Forum in Mexico City.

The Institute's Annual Scientific Conferences

open to all mental health professionals, take place at a venue in New York City. Of special significance was the 2009 Annual Scientific Conference whose topic, Transformative Moments in Psychoanalytic Treatment, marked the first joint sponsorship by the Institute with the Institute's new Postgrad Institute. The Institute's 2008 Annual Scientific Conference featured "Expanding Internal Spaces: Poetry in the Clinical Process!" The 2010 Annual Scientific conference focused on "Contemporary Perspectives on the Oedipus Complex."

Annual Fall Welcome Parties

open each new Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Institute season. These occasions celebrate significant Institute events and are warm social gatherings with opportunities for networking. The program season is comprised of stimulating lectures and discussions that address a broad range of classical and contemporary psychoanalytic thought.

"Evenings With..."

introduced several years ago by Hanna Kapit, PhD, an Honorary Member of the Institute, are informal, intellectual gatherings reminiscent of the small gatherings in the homes of pioneer psychoanalysts in Vienna a century ago. Recent Institute "Evenings With" are informative, stimulating presentations by leading psychoanalysts and notable authors. They are followed by lively discussions. For many years, the Institute has also sponsored an Independent Study Group that meets monthly to discuss case material.

During its 33 year history,

The Society has demonstrated its capacity to steer a new course when necessary. It is therefore choosing to sponsor a new training institute and in this way remain true to its original mission of fostering excellence in psychoanalytic education and training.

The International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies

was founded in 1962, and the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society became a member in 1981.

The IFPS is comprised of 24

member societies and one study group from sixteen different countries. Through the Forums and Scientific conferences, there is an exchange of ideas regarding psychoanalytic theory and practice amongst the member societies. During the 50 years of the IFPS, there have been fifteen International Forums of Psychoanalysis held in the following places: Amsterdam 1962,Zurich 1965,Mexico City 1969,New York 1972,Zurich 1974,Berlin 1977,Zurich 1985,Rio de Janeiro,1989, Florence 1994,Madrid 1998,NewYork,2000, Oslo 2002,Belo Herizonte 2004, Rome 2006 ,Chile 2008, Athens 2010 and Mexico City 2012.There were also eight scientific conference sponsored in Gottingen 1968,Madrid 1970,Haikko 1980, Madrid 1984, New York 1987, Stockholm 1991, Munich 1992 and Athens,1996.

Each member Society sends two delegates

to participate in the Assembly of Delegates. The governing body of the IFPS. The Assembly of Delegates elects the Executive Committee and the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General. In 1991 at the Assembly of Delegates it was decided to form a new international psychoanalytic journal.

The journal, The International Forum

of Psychoanalysis (IFP) is issued quarterly and was first published in 1992. The journal is on the PEP CD and is also available online to all Institute members. The journal is committed to promoting pluralism in psychoanalytic theory, and articles reflect the different theoretical orientations of member societies as well as an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. Many articles are published from the IFPS conferences, and Institute members participate as authors and editors.

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