nobuko_meaders Nobuko Y. Meaders, LCSW

Nobuko Meaders is President of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. A Training Analyst, Supervisor, Faculty Member in the Psychoanalytic Training Program and the Supervisory Training Program.

Once Assistant Director of Training, since 1980ies she was a Training Analyst, Senior Supervisor and Faculty Member of Adult Fellowship Training Program at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, our predecessor Institute.

In addition to private practice in N. Y. C., she is a Clinical Consultant , conducting case conferences and experiential groups for Psychology Internship Program and Staff Seminars at Pace University, Student Counseling Centers, in NYC and Westchester.
iris Iris Levy
Iris Levy, L.C.S.W. is a Training Analyst, Senior supervisor and faculty member of the Institute of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society, as well as a faculty member of the Supervisory Training program. She is currently serving as the Recording Secretary for the Institute of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society. She was formerly an associate editor of the Postgraduate journal and has published several articles on psychoanalysis.
stewart_crane Stewart M. Crane, LCSW
Stewart M. Crane, LCSW is Past President of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society. He was on the teaching and supervising faculty of the Psychoanalytic Institute of the Postgraduate Center. He is currently a supervisor and Training Analyst at The Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and on that institute's executive board. He maintains a private practice in Manhattan and in Westchester County specializing in the treatment of trauma and addictions.
valerie_angel Valerie Tate Angel, LCSW
Valerie Tate Angel, LCSW is one of the Society's delegates to the IFPS. Regional editor of the International Forum of Psychoanalysis,and Deputy Secretary General of the IFPS. Director of the Supervisory Training Program of the Institute of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society

dianne_kaminsky Dianne Kaminsky
elain_gould Elaine Gould, Ph.D.
Elaine Gould, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Training Analyst, Faculty, Board Member, Institute of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society, Corresponding Secretary Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry and Assistant Attending Psychologist, Weill-Cornell Medical College and Medical Center.
judith_rabinowitz Judith Rabinowitz, LCSW
Judith Rbinowitz is a Training Analyst and Supervisor in both Individual and Group Training Programs, Postgraduate Institute. She is a former member of Alumni Association of Group Therapy Training Department. Taught at BIP, TI . She has presented papers on loss for Psycholanalytic Society.
richard_cohen Richard M. Cohen, LCSW, BCDP, NCPsyA
Richard M. Cohen, LCSW, BCDP has been practicing Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Supervision and Consultation for over 39 years. He maintains private practices in Manhattan and Great Neck, NY. He had a 37 year affiliation with the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health and received appointments as Training Analyst, Senior Supervisor, and Faculty Member of the Psychoanalytic Training Program. He continues in the same capacity with Postgrad, the Institute of the Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society. He is a Faculty Member and Supervisor of the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies of Adelphi University, and also been affiliated with the D.Min program of Hebrew Union College-JIR.
Mary Armour Mary Armour, Co-Director of the Group Department
  • Program Supervisor & Clinical Supervisor: Individual, Group, Family & Children’s EBT & CBT
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker 20+ yrs of clinical experience
  • Expressive Arts Therapist
  • Relational Psychotherapist in Private Practice 20 years
  • Couple & Family Therapist
  • Psychoanalyst & Group Analytic Psychotherapist
  • Management: Creative Business Teams
  • Non-Profit Annual Report Consultant
  • Health Home Care Management Start-Up + Trainer
  • Psychoanalytic Institute Board Member
  • Analytic Group Institute Supervision Instructor